Photos by Gabe Linderman

Katya Kornievskaia

I’m a senior studying biochemistry. After I graduate I hope to continue to pharmacy school to work in drug development and production. I have been climbing since high school and Planet Rock has been my home gym for over 7 years. I’ve also been in a few local competitions and I’m super psyched to travel and compete with the team! When I’m not climbing, I also enjoy skiing, longboarding, and backpacking.

  • Fun Fact:
    I’m Russian and St. Petersburg is one of my favorite cities to visit (plus it has some cool climbing gyms)
  • Favorite Climbing Area:
    The Red River Gorge

Amelia Espinosa

I’m a junior studying Neuroscience. I’m planning to go into sleep or addiction research, and I love talking about BrAiN tHinGs. I was raised by a trad-dad, but I really started getting into climbing my junior year of high school. The pandemic put a big hole in my climbing plans, and like many climbers, when I stopped being able to climb in the gym or at state/national parks, I resorted to climbing more unusual rock-formations, including the stone wall behind my hometown library dumpster (ew). In addition to climbing, I’m also big into surfing, open-water swimming, playing video games, and watching anime.

  • Fun Fact:
    At some points in the year, I have been known to consume about 21 eggs per week.
  • Favorite Climbing Area:
    Yosemite or Pinnacles

Roberts Kalnins

I’m a junior studying Computer Engineering. My current interests are in robotics, real-time/control systems; if you’re interested in anything engineering or need help, I’d love to talk. I started climbing midway through high school and I’m stoked to be climbing with all of you on the team. When I can’t climb, I’m skiing, hiking, kayaking, or canoeing.

  • Fun Fact:
    I’m Latvian but Latvia’s about the flattest country ever
  • Favorite Climbing Area:
    Anything anywhere in big mountains. Preferably cold. Fan of Type II Fun.

Former Officers


Max Hammer, Margo Dominic, Roberts Kalnins


Gabe Linderman, Max Hammer