Photos by Gabe Linderman

Jake Schraga

I am a junior studying Art & Design. I am planning to go into Art or Creative Direction. I have been climbing since high school on my gym team in the Bay Area, CA. I love to climb outdoors, but I am a gym kid at here. I love skiing, art, skateboarding, concerts, and surfing.

  • Fun Fact:
    I am related to Edgar Allen Poe
  • Favorite Climbing Area:
    The competitions anywhere

Owen Sims

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Hunter Barr

I’m Hunter, the captain with the fastest speed wall time. I’m a junior at the Ross School of Business and after graduation I hope to be able to open my own laundromat. My humble beginnings started competing in youth competitions and I love using that experience to help support newer climbers in their competitive journey.

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Former Officers


Katya Kornievskaia, Amelia Espinosa, Roberts Kalnins


Max Hammer, Margo Dominic, Roberts Kalnins


Gabe Linderman, Max Hammer