Please read the emails for information about joining us on MCommunity, links to virtual practices, links to weekly challenges, and surveys.

Virutal Practice

It’s been fun seeing everyone at Tuesday and Thursday practices! We’ve modified the style slightly — all practices now begin at 7:00pm EST and MClimbing and the Climbing Club are taking turns planning the workouts. We’re also really excited to collaborate with our friends at MCycling for our Monday and Wednesday virtual practices.

Links to the Zoom meetings are in the team emails.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges are back! Check the email for the link to the spreadsheet.

Planet Rock

As per Governor Whitmer’s last executive order, climbing gyms are now allowed to reopen on October 9th! Planet Rock hasn’t yet released an official open date to its customers, but things are looking good! If you’re interested, check out their reopen plan. They are also still running their GoFundMe to help compensate for the six months of closure, and to help with costs during reopen because the limited capacity will greatly affect revenue.