Frequently Asked Questions

Photos by Gabe Linderman

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Does the team have tryouts?

Nope! We have no tryouts or cuts, the team is open to undergraduate and graduate climbers at any skill level as long as they are motivated to train and compete.

2. What is the time commitment of the team?

We have practices on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from about 7-10pm at Planet Rock, and often have additional training sessions on Sundays. The times are subject to change per Planet Rock’s session schedules. All practices are optional, and workouts are regularly posted for students who are unable to attend in person. The only requirement is that athletes attend at least one competition throughout the season.

3. How expensive is it to be on Team?

Team membership dues of $70 pay for jerseys and organizational expenses. Throughout the season, team members will also need to purchase a USA Climbing membership for $65, register for local and regional USAC championships which are $25 and $65, respectively, and independently purchase a membership to Planet Rock for practices. We provide needs-based financial support opportunities to help make sure that these expenses are not prohibitive for students.

4. How do competitions work?

We travel to several competitions hosted throughout Michigan and neighboring states. The competitions are all redpoint format meaning that students may attempt and retry all climbs as many times as they like within the time period to accumulate as many points as they can. Students can compete in any number of disciplines.

5. What is the difference between the Michigan Climbing Team and the Michigan Climbing Club?

The Michigan Climbing Team and Climbing Club are two separate organizations, although many team members are also members of the club. The Climbing Club handles outdoor climbing trips as well as non-competitive climbing activities like social events. The Climbing Team hosts regular practices and training opportunities, represents and is sponsored by the University of Michigan, and competes in USA Climbing’s Collegiate Division.